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Custom "Where we Met" Minimalist Wallet - Amazing Anniversary Gift

Custom "Where we Met" Minimalist Wallet - Amazing Anniversary Gift

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Introducing Our "Where We Met" Minimalist Wallet: Where Love Meets Practicality!

Hey lovebirds! Celebrate your journey together with our custom "Where We Met" minimalist wallet—a delightful blend of sentimentality and everyday practicality. 

Why Choose Our "Where We Met" Minimalist Wallet?
- Sentimental and Stylish: Imagine carrying a piece of your love story wherever you go. Our minimalist wallet features the coordinates or a map of the place where your love story began, keeping those sweet memories close.

- Simple and Sweet: Customization Made Easy: Choose the design that speaks to your heart—coordinates, a map illustration, or a minimalist style that suits your taste.
- Personalize with Precision: Provide us with the location details and any special touches you'd like to add, making your wallet uniquely yours.

- Crafted with Love: Our skilled artisans ensure each wallet is crafted with attention to detail and quality materials, blending functionality with heartfelt design.

Why Our "Where We Met" Wallet Makes the Perfect Anniversary Gift:
- Touches the Heart: Surprise your partner with a gift that symbolizes where your beautiful journey together began.

- Everyday Remembrance: Practical enough for daily use, yet meaningful enough to remind you both of your special bond.

- Quality That Lasts: Made to withstand the test of time, just like your love story.

Once you've finished choosing your options, click on the 'Add to cart' button, then checkout, and you will receive your custom drawing via email for approval in a few days. Once approved, we will Ship your Wallet!      

*Map Location:  Upload a Screen Shot of Google map

*Heart Location: Send coordinates or let us know where to place the heart.

*Custom Text/names/dates: Enter Text You would like in the notes box after you upload your photo. 

*Upload photo of Google Map Screenshot 

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